sweetys ;DD
whats going on ?
today i wasn't at home from 7am to 7pm, so here is my pooost!
first i spent lot of the time in school and the i was at the latern festival from my brothers childrens garden, it was so amazing to be there with him because he was so excited, there was a shadow theatre cakes and apple juice for all the kids ;) and then we went to a church with all the laterns it was already dark outside, and then they sang songs! this evening was an magical moment for him! ;DD

soo now my look of the day!
i am not a fan of pink thinks because i always have think about sweet 4 year old girls... but sometime you wanted to feel like a princess and i think the pink thing gives you the touch of it ;DD so today in the morning i feelt good with this simple look with pink and in kombination with black absolutely cool what!? ;DD

♥ Milena

Pants-Blazer: H&M; Shirt: AE; Shoes: no name

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