OOTD-polka dots and daisys

just for fun, I took some different pictures than usual from this simple polka dot dress!
I decided to wear it since- I don't know, one year ago or something like that... I needed a look which was  good for warm weather but not too breezy, and which was comfortable for car driving- I just went shopping with my dad, we searched for some flowers and at needed some stuff from the hardware store! :)
actually the weather is strainge here- some days cold then fully hot at midday and than raining and a big thrunder storm^^  it is always surprisingly (:
going to enjoy the sunday outside if the weather is right, I am not 100% okay  I have a little cold ... I still have enough to do for school so that is not a big deal-probably it is better like that, so i am not inveigled to do other stuff!

♥ Milena

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