OOTD's -previous for one week

tomorrow i am leaving for my wintersportweek- with my class!
into the beautiful mountains, but its going to be so cold unbelivable, brrrrr!
i leave you with my outfits i have packed and with me for chilling during the time we are not outside snowboarding or doing some other activity...
as you see i always choose a 4 pieced look- with hoodie or stuff like that, shirt, pants and of course a scarf! the necklaces are not missing :)
my suitcase is sooo full i cant even get it closed at all xD but for some reason i really just have the most improtant stuff with me anyway it will be perfect!
i hope to keep you updated with my mobile phone but the quality will be horrible-may some of my cool frinds with their iphones can take pictures of my daily outfit...
whish you a great week - and get your christmas presents ready it comes with BIG steps :p

♥ Milena

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