OOTD-oldie, every thing starts in the past

i see it in front of my eyes... the outfit i wore the first day i attended my new school, it was nothing special if i think about it! but anyway this plaid-button up shirt- is still one of my favs. even if i havent woren it for months now, but today it came to my mind and i had to do a simple school look with two old pieces also the skirt is an oldie but still goldie to wear for certain locations :)
whish you a wonderful weeeek hnys the last before christchild and santa claus are coming to our kiddys and houses to celebrate! and peng the change of year is here, and we go into 2013 with new inspirations, ambitions-and of course open for new things to happen!

♥ Milena

Dressed fully in H&M stuff (i am a LOVER :p)

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