NEW NAME & OOTD-walking baroque

simply the outfit i wore a few days ago for the first family event of lots these christmas time- i choose this combination with classical black brown and two beautifully matching kind of baroque patternt pieces-as a touch of coolness and to break the brave-feeling it had before i added my diy jeans gilet which is also a Favorite in my closet

as i already mentioned, i did change my blog name into millenium_store like my Instagram account so there is no confusion about! ;D

hope you like it-it was a LONG proceed to get the banner done and up here i dont know but i think it wasn't my day so everything went wrong!
but here it is-hope you like and of course just because there is a new name- there is a new me... i am still me and will countiue this blog as i already do!
thanks for reading- i am happy each site view i get :p
and if you like my blog recommend it to your friends and others.

♥ Milena

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