OOTD-money gang

these days the big christmas sale started- simple result- you have to go into the shopping malls :)
and so i did with my mumy, we were there the whole day and spent so much money aw, but got so nice stuff! i love every single piece, even more because it was on sale and had so good prizes *_*
i will show it to you sooon, so keep on watching out my catches i found out in these big tables full of stuff- i really tried to pick out the samples that look so cool hahah^^
now i am tired as hell, this is really a sport- and anybody who says to shop is not exhausting never did REAL hardcore shopping like womans used to do :D hahah
hope you had great chistmas days and now enjoy your holidays

♥ Milena

Trouser: Zara; Shoes: Esprit; Shirt: H&M; Jacket&Scarf: Only; Bag: H&M;

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