another time I headed over to a brick wall I found near by my side... I get like magically attracted by those walls - simply love the vibe they are bringing to the pictures!
Maybe you can remember I did last year a blogpost called "another brick in the wall" and it was summer- I wore a total white look with my new overall, but this time I decided to go right to the other direction. I came up with an "all black look" and underneath my hundreds of layers because of the cold weather- a pop of color with my all time favorite boxy shirt with tigers and- the fabric is also special kind of neoprene- this shirt is def. a big runner!!
As you can guess it was kind of cold shooting these but  I don't care, for pictures you have to shoulder something.
eeha before I forget - its all about hats!!!! yes thats it :)
hope you are having a nice friday - almost weekend yaaay!!!

<3 Milena

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