i have such a bad feeling- 7 days since my last post...
but here a new fresh look :)- this shirt was a i-go-through-sales-in-a-rush-find-it-right-size-last-piece-bought... action haha if you can relate to this! but it's right now one of my favorites there is so many ways you can style it-really excited!!!!
it got colder here really sad if you ask me, but what should i do... i wait for the sun to raise again ;D
i got really bad headache from the weather change so yesterday after working i took some medicin and went to bed and slept for around 11 hours which is really long for me^^
today everything was gone so i kept on going to work and in the evening we had a wedding-quite funny! -my blogging will go on better soon- just 14 days of working, then  a little time off :)

♥ Milena

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