OOTD-jungle drive

hello hello, wednesday almost over- half of the week done! ;D
this outfit came to my mind as i searched in my repertory for a comfortable but fashionable look,
immideatly i thought of this flower legging which is really perfectly to wear now when all the flowers come out!
the second thing i wanted was a simple t-shirt but this had to make a statement and importantly also go together with the bottom... some of you think maybe ouu whats that, but in my opinion the color of the leopard which is on the tee match perfectly together with the tones of the flowers and the cardigan do that little combination kick, then just added my braclet which has the same studds as are on the neckline of the shirt, booties some darkner lipstic and jacket worn as a cape-done comfortable as hell, fashionable and definately not boring!
as i tried to explain my mother why this go together for me, we came across the thing that the leo is looking through the flowers and then the next thing was jungle that popped into my mind- and my old puch-bycicle do the drive part!
this bike gives this extra touch to the pictures i absolutely like! :)

tomorrow i will go for a jogging look with some sweatpants, because i almost have the whole day excercise lessons so there is no need for other outfit, hope to style it as cool as possible :p

♥ Milena

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