heeellloo :))

i am soo SORRY that i spend not enough time for you-
the fact is that i am done right now with my appartment just a few things  to do
so there will be more posting from my side- the only complication is- that i have not a internet connection in my appartment YET (there has to be one soon, otherwise i am going crazy, i don't like it when i can not show you my stuff how i want!!!!) so i am doing a hotspot via my phone and thats so slow... anyway this is my outfit for today, we did a little excursion and visited relatives :) the weather here is pretty cold so i needed long pants and the versace for h&m cardigan was perfect i looove just the fruits and everything seems so happy on it :p i am always dreaming when i wear it to sit in a big flower-garden in a farytaile :p

that i havent posted yesterday has another reason, i was invited to the house of my friend (anny :* )- we were 5 girls and had so much fun, activity is always a good friend- especially the 'doing-part' :))
thanks girls ♥

♥ Milena

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