this posts are called life-style because i show you inspirations must haves my favorite stuff and things like that :p i hope you like it!!

my new favorite song SUMMERHIT : RITA ORA - How We Do (Party)

♥ Milena
nice saturday for the party people out there :p

mint dress http://inlovewithfashion.com/products/LOVE-Aqua-Chiffon-Asymmetrical-Maxi-Dress.html

wedges in creme, i love them

festival looks whiteshirt+jeans always a must! :)  or boots with skirt+shirt  hairband and arm-swag

rings in  different colours and shapes

a shirt from the H&M against AIDS collection, which you can recive on april 26th; a must have, the also have a leggin with this pattern and i am completly in love with it, and you help against AIDS :D

simple but cute summer shoes for the warm evenings with a skirt

amazing lace shirt-and mint skirt... but anyway we need LACE  in white this summer!!

Festival looks2 Shorts+Shorts+Shorts best item for hot summer days/envenings paired with a simple shirt and glasses-perfect as always :)

White dresses-or lets say  show your backside!

dotted nails-MUST HAVE


military-studded jacket-i looooove it!

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